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"Hi Biomiga, just to let you know that the yield of plasmid DNA from the Qiagen kit was about one-half of that from your mega kit. That is great! Not only is yours MUCH faster, but also MUCH better yield. The gel analysis was also very positive." - UCSD -

"Biomiga, I used your GeneTran transfection reagent and got great results. Originally, I had a difficult time using Lipofectamine to transfect my gene of interest into MEF cell line. I found that the purified DNA from your endotoxin free kit significantly improve the transfection efficiency by 10-fold. Thanks again." - Scripps -

"Biomiga, I found that your total RNA kit is better than Qiagen's. I did a side by side comparison using HepG2 cell line and got twice as much RNA from yours. This is perfect since our grant money is limited. My lab can save some money going with your product."  - Stanford University -

"Hi Biomiga, your endofree 96-well plasmid kit is one of a kind! It is a break through technology that makes the transfection of plasmid DNA into endotoxin sensitive cell lines possible." - Pfizer -

"Hello Biomiga, I finally was able to use the Maxi-Prep kit and compared it to Qiagens kit side by side. I really liked your kit much more than Qiagens and was more impressed with the yield as well. Just thought I'd let you know that the kit worked great! Thanks for letting me try it out." - UCSD -

"I have been using your DNA purification products including mini, midi, maxi, and 96-well DNA kits since year 2005, not only because they cost me less, most importantly they give me high yield comparing to other commercial kits and they are reliable. I also recommended to my colleagues to use your kits. They are very happy with them and switched to your products. We have recently used Transfection reagents from you and, not surprising to us, we got better transfection efficiency with less toxicity to cells. Thank you." - Catalyst Bioscience, Inc. -