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Biomiga Mini Prep Vs. Competitor Mini Prep
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Miniprep kit I, Cat#: PD1211 with the following advantages over Competitor

  • Higher DNA binding capacity: 50 µg (Biomiga) Vs 30 µg (Competitor).
  • Up to 50 µg plasmid DNA can be purified from 3-5 mL of culture while competitor's maximum yield is 30 µg.
  • Same procedure and quality.

Miniprep kit II, Cat#: PD1213, a unique super miniprep kit unmatched by other company

  • Can be used as regular miniprep: Up to 50 µg of plasmid DNA from 1-5 mL culture just like regular miniprep (PD1211).
  • Can be used to purify up to 80 µg of plasmid DNA from 5-12 mL.
  • Midiprep scale of plasmid DNA yield from mini column system.