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USP of Gel /PCR fragment purification kit (Biomiga Vs Competitor)
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Higher capacity:

Extract DNA from agarose gel:   

Biomiga: sample volume: gel lysis buffer volume= 1:1

Competitor: sample volume: gel lysis buffer volume= 1:3

For example, if the gel volume is 350 uL, Biomiga: add 350 uL Buffer, melt the gel and load to the spin column, only need to load one time. Competitor: need to add 1050 uL of Buffer, total 1400 uL, the maximum per load (Per centrifugation) is 700-800 uL, they need to load twice.

Biomiga: PCR reaction or any other reaction volume: Buffer volume= 1:1

Competitor:  PCR reaction or any other reaction volume: Buffer volume= 1:5

Higher recovery:

Due to the DNA concentration of the melted gel, Biomiga has higher recovery as compared to the competitor that is more diluted and thus lose more DNA sample while loading to the column.

Higher recovery especially for DNA fragment size less than 500 bp or larger than 4 kb. In competitor's procedure: fragment < 500 bp ot > 4kb, need to add 1 gel volume of isopropanol to increase the recovery. Biomiga's system doesn't need to add isopropanol.

Higher buffer capacity:

Competitor's buffer system is very sensitive to pH change while Biomiga's buffer system is developed to have more capacity with pH change.

Buy one and works for all:

The same Biomiga kit works for Gel extraction and PCR, and other enzymatic reactions.

MicroVolume version of the kit:

Designed for purification of small amount of samples.