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Gene Mutations
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Gene or operon mutations in chromosome

Using the lamada-Red system, we serve to delete any unessential gene or operon of interest in Escherichia coli. If desired, multiple gene (operon) deletions can be done. Using homologous recombination, we also serve to mutate any gene or operon in Bacillus spp.

Point mutation in plasmid

Using PCR or site-directed mutagenesis techniques, we serve to perform single or multiple point mutations in any gene or DNA fragment of interest carried in a plasmid.

Point mutation in chromosome

Using a unique positive/negative selection system, we serve to perform single or multiple point mutations in a gene or a DNA region of interest in E. coli chromosome.

Integration of DNA fragment into chromosome

Using a unique homologous recombination technology, we serve to integrate any DNA fragment of interest into any location in E. coli chromosome.

Construction of reporter systems

For determination of promoter activity, we serve to construct transcriptional or translational promoter:lacZ fusion. These fusions can be moved to the chromosome.  Based on the customer's need, we can make similar fusions using fluorescent protein gene or luciferase gene as well.