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Plasmid Production
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Biomiga produces highly purified DNA, including high- and low-copy plasmid grown from bacterial cultures, from small (less than 1000 ug) to large scale (1 mg to 1 g). Our services can be customized and are suitable for research labs as well as large-scale biotech manufacturing companies.

Purified by our patented chatropic salt free plasmid purification system, the high quality plasmid DNA can be used for many downstream applications including transfection, gene therapy, DNA vaccinations, RNA interference, and production of recombinant proteins.


  • Superior quality: No guanidine salt, CsCl, and ion exchange column residues.
  •  Predominant supercoiled plasmid
  • Competitive Pricing: 1 mg of high copy plasmid DNA at  $180.00
  • Lower endotoxin levels: less than 0.2 EU / ug of DNA
  • Top purity: OD260/280 greater than 1.8. No RNA and genomic DNA contamination.

Cat. No.







S8511-01 Plasmid DNA Production1 mg


S8511-02 Plasmid DNA Production5 mg


S8511-02 Plasmid DNA Production10 mg



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