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Fragment DNA/RNA Purification

The kits use spin column technology to recover DNA / RNA from agarose gel, PAGE gel, DNA amplification, and any other enzymatic reactions. DNA bands from 50 bp to 20 kb can be purified using our proprietary high capacity system. The purified DNA is ready for any downstream applications.


Higher capacity: Dissolving/binding buffer: gel = 1:1 instead of 1:5 in similar kits. That's 5 times higher capacity!

DNA fragment > 200 bp with greater than 90% recovery.

DNA fragment 50-200 bp with greater than 70% recovery.


ChIP DNA Clean Up KitThe Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) DNA Clean Up Kit provides a simple method for the rapid purification and concentration of high quality DNA from any step in a standard ChIP protocol.
Isolate Nucleic Acid From GelsFast and reliable purify fragment DNA from Gel and Poly-Gel.
From Enzymatic ReactionPurify target DNA /RNA probe from Enzymatic Reaction high efficiently.
Micro-volume SamplesFurther purifying the yield DNA in a simple and rapid way
From SequencingEffective and reliable removal of unincorporated terminators from sequencing reactions.