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Genomic DNA Purification

This system is designed to isolate genomic DNA from animal tissues, cultured animal cell lines, plant tissues, cultured plant cell lines, blood and other body fluids.

Circulating DNA IsolationCirculating DNA, RNA
Circulating DNA IsolationCirculating DNA, RNA
FFPE DNA PurificationFFPE, formalin fixed parafilm imbedded
Mice Genotyping KitMice Genotyping Kit
Tissue gDNA KitIsolate genomic DNA from cultured cells and animal tissue.
Blood gDNA KitIsolate genomic DNA from blood sample, and can also used for buffy coat, serum, plasma, saliva, buccal swab and other body fluids.
Bacterial gDNA KitIsolation of genomic DNA, plasmids, BACs from bacterial samples.
Soil, Insect, Mullusc, Yeast and MycoplasmaIsolate genomic DNA from Soil, Insect, Mullusc, Yeast, and Mycoplsma respectively.
Plant gDNA KitIsolation of total cellular DNA from plant cells and tissues.
Blood Viral DNA/RNA KitIsolation of DNA/RNA from blood virus.
Forensic gDNA Purification KitIsolation of genomic DNA from forensic samples, such as dry blood, buccal swabs, and sperm
M13 PurifcationRapid and reliable isolation of high-quality M13 phage DNA from appropriate host strain.