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Protein Chemisitry Application
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Cat. No.







BF168-01 Protein A/G Buffer I, low endotoxin1000 mL


PT168-02 Protein A/G Buffer II, low endotoxin1000 mL


PT168-03 Protein A/G Strip, low endotoxin1000 mL


MA020 1M DTT30 mL


MN03 6M Guanidine-HCL500 mL


MN02 8M Urea1 L


BBA0030-4L TG-SDS Buffer (Tris-Glycine-SDS) 10X Solution4 L


BB4491 PBS Blocking buffer with non fat milk1 pk


XM005 Protein Dye30 mL


MN04 10% w/v SDS1 L


MN01 25% w/v Sodium Azide1 L


BBT897629-1L Tween 201 L


BB032 NBT/BCIP Stain Kit5 preps


BBRM009 SDS-PAGE Protein Standard250 uL


BBTX0111 Dialysis Bag, 34mmea


BBTX012 Dialysis Bag, 44mmea


BB897131 Spin Protein Assay50 assays


BB89731 1ul Spot Protein Estimation300 assays


BBSK3021 BCA Protein Assay Kit 500 Assays1


BBTGB629 Triton X114100 ml


BB380 Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (For Bacterial Cell, EDTA Free) 100&1 ml


BB386 Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (For Mammalian Cell) 100Χ1 ml


PMN01 PBS + 6M Guanidine, pH 7.51L


PMN02 PBS + 6M Guanidine + 0.5MImidazole, pH 7.51L



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