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Gene Synthesis
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Gene synthesis is a technology which can synthesize full length genes. Over the past years, we have developed a very mature technology in gene synthesis, which is a technology that can synthesize genes de novo, that is, if you can supply us the sequence of a gene, we can synthesize it as you request at a very competitive price.

Turnaround time for gene synthesis are as follows

Size of Gene

Targeted Delivery


0 – 200bp

< 10 working days


200 bp -1kb

8 to 10 working days


1kb - 2kb

10 to 15 working days



Please inquire

Please inquire


* For complex sequences, please contact us for a quote;
* Free cloning into our standard vector pUC57;
* Free sequencing to verify the integrity of the synthetic genes, providing sequencing data including the chromatograms


The advantages of our services:
1.Minimum cost: We priced our service very competitively to minimize your cost. Our fee for services is very straightforward without future obligation. You retain all rights to your sequence data and related intellectual property.
2.Absolute confidentiality: We will keep anything you provide to us in strict confidentiality. And we will sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements with you if needed.
3.Guaranteed Quality: Synthetic genes will be confirmed base-by-base using automated bi-directional fluorescent DNA sequencing, and we guarantee 100% match with your requested sequences.


How to order our gene synthesis services:
You are welcome to contact us at any time to order our synthetic genes via Email.


1. What are the steps in the process of gene synthesis?
The steps in gene synthesis including the following: synthesizing oligos, obtaining full-length genes, correcting mutations, and confirming the sequence.
2. Is there a length limit for Biomiga gene synthesis?
There is no length limit. Biomiga routinely synthesizes genes of 10 kb or longer.
3. What is the standard vector for Biomiga gene synthesis?
pUC57 is the standard vector of Biomiga Corporation. In general, synthetic genes will be cloned into Sma I or EcoR V sites of the standard vector.
4. Can Biomiga subclone the gene into the vector of my choice?
Biomiga can subclone the synthetic gene into the vector of your choice for a reasonable additional fee. The vector must be provided by the customer and must be a commercial vector with a full-length sequence.
5. What is the time frame for delivery ?
For genes up to 1 kb, the delivery time is 12 business days. One week is added for each additional 1 kb. For subcloning into a vector provided by customer, an extra 1-2 weeks are needed.
6. What are the applications of gene synthesis?
Gene synthesis has a variety of applications, including the creation of specialized cDNA libraries, large-scale production of microarray-ready cDNA, the design of gene therapy vectors, and the synthesis of gene variants. For a long list of gene synthesis applications, please click here.
7. Why is gene synthesis more expensive than oligosynthesis?
Inputting the effort, energy, and expertises, it is reasonable for the price of gene synthesis to be much higher than that of oligo synthesis. It is the same analogy that a painting by a famous artist is more expensive than the paint itself. During gene synthesis, the oligos have to be assembled together in the correct order, which takes time and expertise.
8. Can you use gene synthesis to finish my partial clone?
Yes. Provided that you have the sequence, Biomiga can synthesize the 5'-end or 3'-end of the gene and anneal it to your partial clone to obtain the full-length gene.
9. If I do not have the sequence, can you synthesize the gene for me?
No. We need the sequence to synthesize a gene.
10. Do you provide protein expression services for codon-optimized genes?
Biomiga also provides protein expression and purification services for the synthesized genes. Biomiga can express protein in a variety of systems including bacteria, yeast, baculovirus, and mammalian cells.
11. Does codon optimization really matter?
It matters as much as protein expression matters. Different organisms have different codon usage preferences. For example, the preferred codons used in a human gene may be rare in bacteria. This can cause problems when researchers attempt to express human genes in E. coli. Using our optimized synthetic genes, many of our customers have reported dramatic increases in protein expression.